How SEO Will Change In 2016

How SEO Will Change In 2016

search engine optimization in 2016

Most Phoenix internet marketers know that SEO is a game with flexible rules. Year after year they’ve seen their websites torn to pieces by unexpected search engine algorithm updates from Google. Panda and Penguin, for instance, are two names that can make many people cry when they hear them. Although based on the same principles, modern SEO is a new profession. If ten years ago it was enough to get a lot of links from web directories to improve your rankings, today this is an obsolete practice that might even harm your web properties. Nonetheless, links are still the driving engine of SEO and this isn’t going to change in 2016.

Links rule, but obtaining the really good ones has become extremely difficult. Buying them is forbidden, link exchanges barely have any value and guest posting for linking purposes isn’t something Google agrees with. On the other hand, if you sit there and wait for authority websites to discover you and link to you for free, you might never make it to the top.

social media for seoAs a general rule for 2016, SEO professionals are going to need to consider improving their social media activity. Social media is part of our life, most people using it to communicate with their friends and to make a statement of who they are and what they believe in. If people are on social media networks, websites need to follow. You can’t afford to remain locked in your ivory tower when everybody else has joined the party. “This means that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram should be part of any SEO strategy that aims high.” according to SEO agency owner Jerry Harris.

However, you should take into consideration your available resources. If you can’t cover all these networks properly, you should stick to one or two you like most. Building an active presence in social media requires a lot of time and energy. You can’t use automatic posting and hope people are going to follow you. People love interaction and communication. You have to become an active part of the groups you are a member of if you want the crowds to follow you and to recognize you as an authority. By becoming a voice in social media channels, you send out signals of authority search engines are going to pick up. This is how your Facebook or Twitter activity can help you improve your search engine rankings.

Video is the next big thing for SEO in 2016. It is already huge, as many marketers have shifted towards producing high-quality video content. You can use video to your advantage as YouTube videos are included in the SERPs of Google for almost every search out there. In addition, ranking in an internal video search engine is easier than ranking in Google, at least for the time being. By being among the first who make video an integrated part of their SEO strategy, you can earn a bigger piece of the pie.

On page SEO is also going to matter in 2016, so you should still make sure you have all titles, alt tags, and headings in place. They might have a lower importance, but they are still going to be relevant, so make sure you use them correctly. Additionally, you should still optimize your code in order to enable the fast loading of your web pages. Loading speed is one of the factors that influence the rankings, so you should make sure you use the most efficient programming methods and languages.

Last but not least, consider building brands and authority websites rather than niche properties for your Phoenix business. There is a trend that favors big brands, so you should strive to become one in order to become a leader in the SERPs.

Author: Stephen James