The Difference Between SEO and CRO

The Difference Between SEO and CRO

cro vs. seo

SEO also popularly known as search engine optimization is about techniques, tactics or strategies used for the purpose of increasing the number of people visiting a website through high-ranking placement in search engine results. SEO involves designing and developing websites that rank well in popular search engines. This is possible by understanding what visitors search for and the way search algorithms work. SEO is also referred to as SEO copywriting, since most of its tactics that are used in promoting websites deal with text.

SEO copywriting involves writing viewable text that appears on the web page. This text must be informative to the reader and is meant to target a specific search terms. The purpose of SEO copywriting is to rank highly in major search engine results. The text also optimizes other elements in order to capture targeted search terms, which includes keyword tags, the title, subheadings, description and alternative text.

When you search a keyword using any popular search engine, thousands of results will be displayed in its database. The website ranking is normally measured according to the position a page is displayed in the search results. In case the web page is displayed on the first position of search engine results, then we say it has the highest ranking.

The On-Page and The Off-Page SEO Concept

There are two major ways of optimization as explained below;

  • On-Page SEO – This includes providing good keyword selection, great content, appropriate title for each page and placing keywords in correct places.
  • Off-Page SEO – This involves search engines, link building, link exchange and increasing link popularity by using open directories.

conversion rate optimization

What is CRO?

CRO which means conversion rate optimization is a modern technique that takes scientific approach to optimize the websites. This enables the businesses to convert their website visitors to customers or subscribers. CRO is an emerging marketing discipline that mostly focuses on visitors actions when they visit your website. This will help to measure and improve your website, which in turn leads to more sales or sign ups. Conversion rate optimization is not about how get more traffic into your website but rather about the action you want people to take once they click on your webpage. This will lead to more visitors taking action, which could lead to more sales and higher profits.

Many companies are today focusing their precious energy and money on driving big traffic to their website using banner ads, social media, Adwords, and organic search (applying SEO). Well, these are valuable ways to spend money on but the challenge is that the traffic is not doing enough. Your visitors are not registering or buying or calling in to request for a quote, which is the main reason you’re sending them to your website. The most exciting thing is that it’s possible to optimize the performance of your business site by making it more appealing, clear, improve on key Calls to Action and offer a better flow. By taking systematic steps, you can easily influence your visitor’s behaviors in positive way.

Why CRO is important for your business

There is a room for improvement

Anne Browne, an CRO expert, tells us “It doesn’t matter how well you have designed your site or how many visitors are clicking on your webpage; conversion process can make things easier and painless for your visitors – leading to exciting results for you.” You can view Anne’s site at

Its essentially free

Conversion rate optimization capitalizes on the existing traffic that you already have. That means you won’t spend more to get more visitors to your website, you’re just improving the site in order to convert your visitors once they get to your site. Optimization will increase the return on your investment and convert more visitors, and also attract new ones.

Lower the customer acquisition costs

By doubling the conversion rate your business will reduce by half the cost-per-acquisition, or in other words the amount each new customer will cost you.

Targets the right customers

It’s more than just converting anyone. You’re looking for the right customers who love your product. This will be a plus for your marketing efforts since your customers will spread the word to others.

Maximizes your profits

Your profit is normally tied to the conversion rate. Because your business is not paying extra money to get more conversion, the profit goes right to your bottom line.

Author: Stephen James